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Volker Merschky was born on September 27th, 1965 in Bad Kissingen, Germany. He grew up in a part of Germany called Rhön with his 2 brothers. When he was around 8 years old, a tank crashed into a field next to his house and the army soldier needed help to repair the damage. Volker spent his time with the soldiers and one of them had his own name tattoooed on his forearm. After this incident, Volker was intregued by tattoos. After graduating from high school, he studied design in college and interior design in an art school. At 15 years old, he did his first tattoos on friends. After another couple tattoos from home, he stopped for many years. At 27 years old, he started tattooing professionally in his own tattoo studios, the first in Wildflecken called ‚Dead Head Tattoo‘ and the second in Würzburg/Randersacken ‚Volker’s Road Tattoo‘ in 1993. Artists that have inspired him as an artist himself are Sigmar Polke and Anselm Kiefer. As a musician, artists that have inspired him are Bob Dylan & Tom Waits.

Simone Pfaff was born on Friday April 13th, 1973 in Würzburg, Germany and raised with her brother and sister. After graduating high school, she went to art school and studied design in college. Afterwards, she worked as a graphic designer for a publisher. Pfaff started tattooing professionally at the age of 22, in ‚Volker’s Road‘ tattoo studio in 1995. Simone and Volker have been working together ever since. As an artist, Alberto Giacometti & August Macke inspired her when she began drawing. Nina Simone was her inspiration as a musician. They have attended tattoo conventions in Berlin, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Brussels, Zurich, Krakau and many more.